On Tolerance 

I decided that I could no longer take the growing ignorance and intolerance that has plagued my Facebook and Twitter.

“Everyone has a right to their opinion,” I say, but there are too many times people are so proud  to have no filter and be deliberately offensive. I have seen the faces of the people who have done that in my presence and I say, “I am sorry for all of the pain that someone has caused you to make you feel like you need to injure someone.” Not all, may have fel the pain at another’s hand, but they do have pain. 

Pain hurts not just the person in pain, but all who come in contact with them. Speaking the language of pain leads to the language of fear. There are too many people speaking the language of fear. It is spoken in the media, in politics and civil service. It pops up and rears its ugly face in entertainment and leisure. It hides everywhere it can, but still makes an impact.

As I rode down the highway, I questioned the motives of such a saturation. It was as if all of the light in the world was being snuffed out by many vengeful hands. These hands were disgusted at our very existence as sentient beings. Were our minds locked under the control of something sinister, or was this just the result of a “free will” experiment?  Actually, none of that really matter when you look at the big picture. No, the real big picture. We are sitting on a small blue ball traveling through a vacuum. We all are the same but different in some way. Human, but  we have our own individual lives. 

Have we learned how to navigate this life and become the one genome that we may be? 

Even if we are not one genome, we only have one space, one planet, one chance to leave behind a positive mark on humanity. 

Tolerance, love and kindness may be our only hope for this.

I leave you as I found you.

On Tolerance